The evolution of AI is impacting K12 schools across North America, and understanding how to navigate this technology is pertinent to the future of education. Join CDW’s Education Strategists and jump into an active discussion around the good, the bad and the ugly of AI in education. Together we’ll listen, debate, and shift our mindsets.

Attendees will leave knowing the possibilities of AI education and be able to determine the next best steps in student achievement.
  • Core messaging from the US Department of Education’s Office of Ed Tech report (AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning), and other K12-focused sources
  • Key insights from experts in both education and AI
  • Factors to consider when starting the 2023-2024 school year
Nancye Black
AI Lead | ISTE Educational Consultant
Nancye Blair Black is an ISTE-certified educator, renowned speaker, and the founder and CEO of The Block Uncarved, a consulting firm that cultivates dignity-driven instructional practices that empower educators, leaders, and students to succeed. Nancye is an author of nationally-implemented computer science curricula and several publications, including Tablets in K-12 Education, the Hands-On AI Projects for the Classroom series, and the "AI in the Classroom" ISTE Jumpstart Guide. She serves as ISTE's AI Explorations Project Lead and was recognized with the prestigious 2022 Making IT Happen Award. She's completing her doctoral degree in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers College Columbia University, where she is a Games Research Lab leader.
Levi Belnap
Chief Strategy Officer | Merlyn Mind
Levi Belnap serves as Chief Strategy Officer at the AI for Education company, Merlyn Mind. As a serial-entrepreneur, Levi has led the creation of innovative new technology ventures within existing organizations and as independent venture-backed startups. Prior to joining Merlyn Mind, Levi was an executive at Wyzant where he led the creation of new opportunities to bring Wyzant’s marketplace of 80,000 expert tutors to more students. This included a breakthrough new approach using targeted tutoring interventions to increase student retention rates from 70% to 90% for the most at-risk students in higher ed. Levi studied Disruptive Innovation and Jobs to be Done under the late Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School. Levi has dedicated his professional career to applying theories of innovation to the intersection of technology and education to improve teaching and learning to create a better world for all of us.
Wendy Jones
Education Strategist Manager | CDW Education
Wendy is a lifelong educator with extensive district leadership experience. As a former education strategist, she supports the team as they provide educational and thought leadership, empower digital transformation, and build relationships that impact teaching and learning for our CDW Education customers. M.Ed, CETL
Akilah Willery
K12 Education Strategist
Dr. Akilah Willery came to CDW Education with a long history of helping educators integrate technology tools to enhance teaching and learning. She has over two decades of experience in a large Texas school district as the former executive director for professional and digital learning, as well directing a long standing virtual learning program. She is CETL and Google certified. In her spare time, she is also a freelance elearning developer and UX designer.
Cari Warnock
CDW Education Ambassador, K-12 Scale
Cari’s focus is on building strategy and alliances to impact work with education organizations that may differ from a “traditional” district: regional service centers, charter, magnet, choice, parochial/private schools, alliances, and more.
Cari humbly served over 20 years in public education in Metro Nashville and in Central Florida. Her roles as Director of School Choice/Charter/Magnet as well as her experience writing and directing 40 million in federal grants allows her to vision and create wall to wall access, equity, and opportunity for all students regardless of zip code.
Most recently she served as an education strategist for Dell Technologies and led Girls Who Game in partnership with Microsoft and Intel. An uplifting moment was recording a podcast about STEM and Equity that dropped in February 2023 on Apple podcasts.
Cari lives on the east coast of Florida with her hubby and Border Collie, Echo, where they watch rocket launches from the backyard. She enjoys RV’ing/ glamping, playing with her dog, hiking, adventuring, and meditation. She has a daughter and two bonus kids.
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