It is much easier to focus on the visible aspects of school safety and security, but the invisible is just as important for academic success. In order for students to thrive, they must first feel emotionally secure and safe in their social environment.

Join our Education Strategists in an overview of the low-cost programs that school districts can implement to positively impact the mental health of both students and staff.

Administrators, technical staff, and teachers will leave knowing how to:

- Work from their “why”
- Support student resilience
- Integrate self-regulation tools into classroom culture
- Scaffold systems of SEL support
Bryan Krause
K12 Education Strategist
Bryan Krause is a K12 Education Strategist for CDW Education. He works with school districts across the western US in the implementation of strategic technology initiatives. He is a former teacher, coach, and district administrator with over 30 years of experience in Colorado. He was principal of a school that suffered a school shooting and has shared his experience and learnings with numerous school districts and organizations nationally. In addition, he has led crisis response teams in numerous school crisis situations to help in response and recovery.
Jon Widmier
Prevention Coordinator | Littleton Public Schools - Colorado
Jon Widmier is the Prevention Coordinator in Littleton Public Schools where he has helped coordinate mental health efforts, specifically in the areas of suicide prevention, school safety, and multi-tiered systems of support. He came to education through an unusual path that led through an archery shop, coaching college football, and working in corporate America. He then became a school counselor and worked his way up to the director of Student Services in Jefferson County before he came to his current position. In both districts where he has worked, Jon has served and led crisis teams that have done the hard work of putting schools and communities back together after unthinkable circumstances. Jon also teaches in the School Counseling Program at Denver Seminary. Jon speaks from lessons he has learned through his journeys. His intent is to serve, grow, and inspire people and to help them get through the obstacles they are facing.
Laura Boone
Manager, CDW Education Collaborative
For more than 20 years, Laura Boone has worked to bridge the gap between technology and curriculum. Today she leads CDW Education's Collaborative - a community of education IT personnel working to bring the best that is edtech to over 1,200 school districts across North America.

Prior to joining CDW Education, Laura spent 5 years teaching K12 and more than 15 years in Curriculum and IT leading professional development and technology integration initiatives.

Today her work also focuses heavily on teaching educators how to use neuroplastic education practices to create effective and supportive environments that empower students to discover their own ability to self-empower and self-regulate and thus define and drive their own learning success. She speaks regularly with administrators and educators on actionable, easy to implement practices that have immediate impact and long term successful results.

Laura is currently working on her doctorate which focuses on the connection between administrator understanding of neuroplastic education practices and educator workplace satisfaction and student success.

She is proud to hold an elected position as the President Elect for AzTEA (Arizona ISTE chapter), to serve on several COSN committees, to be an ISTE Certified Trainer, and to have recently earned the distinguished CETL designation.

She is grateful to CDW Education for allowing her to share her passion on the topic of student wellness and learning success in addition to the leadership work she does within CDW Education every day.
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